Power Sector

While the power sector in India has witnessed a few success stories in the last 4-5 years, the road that lies ahead of us is dotted with innumerable challenges that result from the gaps that exist between what’s planned versus what the power sector has been able to deliver.

The power sector in India is projected to grow rapidly over the next two decades and to be increasingly open to private sector participation, both domestic and foreign.

BFU has massive expansion plans in the complete value chain in the power sector- Generation, Transmission and Distribution.

Design and Engineering capabilities:

BFU Design team is fully equipped to deliver design and engineering services.

Civil Engineering capabilities:

  • Design calculations for substation equipment structure and foundations.
  • Preparation of structural and foundation drawings for all substation equipments, and Cable trenches.

Electrical Engineering capabilities:

  • Preparation of detailed engineering drawings
  • Drawing review for all electrical equipments
  • Preparation of specific design calculations

India has the 5th largest generation capacity in the world with an installed capacity of 157 GW as on February 28th The Indian government has set ambitious goals in the 11th plan for the power sector which would result in significant expansion in this industry. In order to provide availability of over 1000 units of per capita electricity by year 2012, it has been estimated that need-based capacity addition of more than 100,000 MW would be required.

Hydro power contributes to around 23.4% of the total 157GW installed capacity with an installed base of 36863 MW. The proposed capacity addition during the 11th plan for the Hydro power sector is 15627 MW.

India’s current installed transmission capacity is only 13% of the total installed generation capacity. With focus on increasing generation capacity over the next 8-10 years, the corresponding investments in the transmission sector is also expected to augment. The Ministry of Power plans to establish an integrated National Power Grid in the country by 2012 with close to 200,000 MW generation capacities and 37,700 MW of inter-regional power transfer capacity. Considering that the current inter regional power transfer capacity of 20,750 MW, this is indeed an ambitious objective for the country.

BFU has developed strong capabilities in the design, testing, fabrication, erection and construction of transmission lines and sub-station structures on a turnkey basis across India. BFU has so far built long line of transmission lines and 12 substations across India for various clients such as Power Grid Corporation of India and various State Electricity Boards (SEBs) of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh

BFU is currently executing 132KV, 220KV and 400 KV transmission lines for Power Grid Corporation and for other State Electricity Boards. We will be entering the EHV lines of 800KV in the year 2017.

Our Capabilities

  • 400KV Sub-Station & 400KV Transmission Line
  • 220KV Sub-Station & 220KV Transmission Line
  • 132KV Sub-Station & 132KV Transmission Line

BFU is one of the leading firms in India executing 33/11 KV distribution lines on Turn-Key basis to provide power service connections to towns, rural and semi rural areas. To augment the distribution lines,BFU is also executing 33/11KV sub-stations on turnkey basis.

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